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The United States is the house of almost 50 states which are diverse with attractive and pleasing destinations that makes it hard to decide which place in America we should go to. There is an extensive range of places to pick out from this diverse destination but the last decision is only yours which totally depends on your personal interest.

In this article, we will provide you with the 10 most pretty and charismatic places to visit in the United States and at the end of this article, you will surely find the dreamy destination you are looking to visit.

Alongside the Atlantic seaboard, Washington D.C. and New York are present which allows one to experience two different varieties of city textures. Then if you go beyond the mainland you will witness tropical Hawaii Island which is the largest in the United States.

Besides the western seaboard, you will get the two most popular hot spots for sightseers, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

If you are a dessert lover then you must include Las Vegas in the destination list. This is just an overview to make you familiar with the diversity of the US. For knowing all the 10 best places to strike on, just stick to this article till last. 

  1. NEW YORK 

Visiting New York is no less than visiting the set of a movie. Its streets, buildings, lightning at night, atmosphere, clouds just everything is so filmy that one starts to consider himself/herself a star. Yes, this is totally true. There is a type of charisma in New York which can not be experienced in any other city.

Plus, you will find multiple sites to watch for at almost every turn like the very famous and popular The Statue of Liberty, known by almost every US lover. Then there are the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, The Chrysler Building, Central Park, Time Square, and 5th Avenue. Along with these beautiful sights, you will find amazing food items and branded stuff like nowhere. This is the fantastic City of New York.


The capital of the US, Washington D.C is the house of some of the most famous people in the USA, this Atlantic seaboard city is just a treasure of real beauty. The mesmerizing cherry blossom trees are the shine of this city. Spring is the time to visit there, trust me you will encounter them.

real enchantress. And of course, The White House, Capitol building, and Smithsonian Museums are some of the places to visit.


The best visiting destination for sightseeing lovers in this city. Its natural beauty, charming streets, and mesmerizing views will make you in awe.

The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Fisherman’s Wharf are just a pinch of places the whole plate is waiting to be discovered by you. 


On the western seaboard, there is Los Angeles, which will make you lost in its gorgeous beaches. It is the hotspot for Hollywood stars, and every time gets full of TV and movie industry people. This California city has a culture of its own, no one matches its level of glamor. 

The presence of THE WALT’S DISNEYLAND nearby adds an additional advantage to this city. The Los Angeles county museum of Arts, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Santa Monica Pier are the attractions of this city, the list is very long. 


Vegas is popular for its casinos and entertainment. This sparkling city in the desert area has a distinctive caliber. Fine dining, shopping, entertainment, and gambling are its main points. The Death Valley National park, Valley of Fire State Park, and Hoover Dam are some of the points to remember to visit.

  1. MIAMI 

South Florida’s Miami is the most famous beachong destination. The beaching atmosphere of Miami is like no other city, its views are just intoxicating. The little Havana in Miami is the Cuban heart, the Art Deco district that recalls the 1930 era is just amazing, and the Miami Seaquarium.

 Miami is just a lot more than beaches, so a must-visit place.

  1. HAWAI

The largest island in the USA, Hawaii is famous for its colored sand beaches surrounded by the green rainforest within the presence of two active volcanoes. There is a full range of travel sites. The Kona region there is famous for coffee production. Hawai is full of beaches, winds, sunbathing, food, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and enjoying it. 


Houston is just flawless for family vacations and friends. The perfect city for traveling. Surreal atmosphere, bizarre scenes of soothing modernized nature. Perfect dining, luxury hotels, amazing pools, sky-touching buildings with sparkling lightning, there is a lot to watch and relish. Houston Zoo, Hermann Park, Space Center Houston


The canyon walls are worth watching in the US. The endless view of the Grand Canyon gives you an enigmatic sense. The layered bands of red rock and self-made routes in them will give you goosebumps. They are formed by nature itself and as we say nature is the best constructor. There are hidden caves in these mountains. It’s a must-watch for mountain lovers. 


The Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago, Navy Pier and Willis Tower Skydeck views are just amazing. It is famous for its arts, culture, waterparks, shopping spots, and other wonderful summer destinations. It is a beautiful urban hotspot to visit. 

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