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Should You Get A TV And Internet Package Or Just An Internet Plan?



At one point in life, or even more than once, we face the problem of selecting an internet service provider. And as if it’s not hard enough, there is also the problem of finding the right plan or bundle for yourself. On which factors do you decide whether a plan is good for you or not? What about when you want to get two to three services together? Do you get any good bundles for that? Are they money-saving bundles? 

All these questions probably go through your head when you’re scouting for a good service. While we don’t have enough time to answer or address all these questions, we can still do so for some of them or at least one of them. And that is the question about bundles: Should you get a bundle or an individual internet plan?

To help you reach your decision quicker, we have collected some points about TV and internet packages and written this very article. So, let’s take a look at the points, the pros, and cons of each of the options, and you can then determine which option is more suitable for you. Let’s get right into it then!

Pros and Cons of Internet Bundles

The biggest question thus far is what are the pros and cons of internet bundles. Here, we have listed a few. 


Depending on the ISP, you can get your hands on money-saving bundles and enjoy great services. Of course, it also depends on what you want, whether you want two combined services, or all three. You also have the ease of getting only one bill, instead of two or three. Some ISPs might not necessarily offer money-saving bundles, but instead, they offer some added benefit or perk with the bundles like free installation, etc.


Compared to internet-only plans, these bundles can be expensive, despite some of them being money-saving. Of course, the reason for that is pretty apparent, which is that you are buying two or three services instead of one, and so, they are naturally more expensive. Secondly, the subscription for bundles can come in the form of a contract, which means you will be bound to it for a certain time period. Lastly, a bundle can carry a lot of benefits or perks with it, out of which a few might not even be of any use to you. So, this doesn’t really count as a benefit now, does it? 

Pros and Cons of Internet Plans

Putting bundles aside, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of internet plans and see why people would or wouldn’t subscribe to them. 


If we compare the price of a bundle and an individual internet plan, the internet plan will obviously be cheaper than the bundle. And while you are getting more perks and services in the bundle than in a plan, what if you don’t really need them? Then, these additional perks become useless and so, you end up overspending. Another pro of an internet plan is that you get to choose from many more internet speed options and they are no-contract options too.


As we mentioned earlier, bundling comes with added perks, whether in the form of savings, free installation, or anything of the sort. When you choose an internet plan all by itself, you might or might not get added perks. Even if you do, they will be limited and not as much as in a bundle. You will also not have the benefit of a single bill. Rather you’ll have to pay for both or all three things separately, which means multiple visits to the bank. 

Does Bundling Save Money?

We are aware that this must be your biggest concern when trying to figure out whether you should bundle or not. So, let’s first take a look at the prices of internet-only plans from AT&T, Xfinity, and Spectrum. 

Internet Service ProviderInternet PlanInternet SpeedPrice
AT&TAT&T InternetUp to 100 Mbps$55/mo.(for 12 months, conditions apply)
AT&T Fiber1 Gig$80/mo.(for 12 months, conditions apply)
SpectrumSpectrum InternetUp to 200 Mbps$49.99/mo.(for 12 months, conditions apply)
Spectrum Internet UltraUp to 400 Mbps$69.99/mo.(for 12 months, conditions apply)
Spectrum Internet GigUp to 1000 Mbps$89.99/mo.(for 12 months, conditions apply)
XfinityConnectUp to 50 Mbps$25/mo. (for the first 12 months, conditions apply)
Connect MoreUp to 100 Mbps$40/mo. (for the first 12 months, conditions apply)
FastUp to 300 Mbps$50/mo. (for the first 12 months, conditions apply)
SuperfastUp to 600 Mbps$50/mo. (for the first 12 months, conditions apply)
UltrafastUp to 900 Mbps$60/mo. (for the first 12 months, conditions apply)
GigabitUp to 1200 Mbps$70/mo. (for the first 12 months, conditions apply)
Fiber GigabitUp to 940 Mbps$65/mo.(Conditions apply)

Moving on, the table below carries the details in regards to internet speed and prices of the bundles offered by the same providers. Take a look below.

Internet Service ProviderInternet + TV BundleInternet SpeedPrice
AT&TAT&T Fiber + DIRECTV STREAM ENTERTAINMENT PackageUp to 300 Mbps$124.99/mo.(conditions apply)
AT&T Fiber 300 + DIRECTV STREAM CHOICE PackageUp to 300 Mbps$144.99/mo.(conditions apply)
SpectrumInternet + TV SelectUp to 200 Mbps$99.98/mo.(for 12 months)
XfinityXfinity Internet + TV Connect More + Choice Double PlayUp to 100 Mbps$50/mo.(for the first 12 months, conditions apply)
Xfinity Internet + TV Fast + Popular Double PlayUp to 300 Mbps$100/mo.(for the first 12 months, conditions apply)
Xfinity Internet + TV Superfast + Ultimate Double PlayUp to 600 Mbps$120/mo.(for the first 12 months, conditions apply)

So, you can see there are more internet speeds offered by themselves than with bundles. And while the bundles do seem pricier, keep in mind that you are being offered many benefits that you can learn more about in detail on their website or by contacting their customer service departments respectively.

Why Should I Bundle Services?

Lastly, the question: Why should I bundle services? While the reason must be apparent to you already, we will answer it again in case you missed it. Bundling services can help you save time, money (in some cases), and the trouble of finding another ISP for another service. If you have a trusted ISP in mind already, wouldn’t it be better to just get everything from them, than getting one service from one ISP and the other from another ISP? So, instead of looking only for cheap options, shop smart and look for affordable and reasonable bundles!

But of course, bundling is only beneficial for you if you want more than just the internet. If you don’t like watching TV, then bundling is of no use to you. However, we do recommend getting your own TV as you get access to multiple channels, on-demand titles, and live TV as well. Just be sure to check out the channel lineup for anything you want. 

To Sum Up!

Like all good things come to an end, this article needs to as well. If you are interested in learning more about the internet plans and bundles mentioned here, just hop on over to BuyTVInternetPhone and let the journey begin!

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