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The Mural 50m Series, the company is valued at $2 billion



Mural, a startup that builds digital collaboration software and offers the best workspace for workshops, announced that it had raised $50 million in series C funding. This Mural 50m series was led by Insight Partners and Tiger Global, which led to the company’s value being more than $2 billion

Mural is a developing startup that was valued at $500 million when it was founded. Then Mural raised an investment of $118 million last August. Afterward, at the beginning of 2022, in series A funding, it was successful in raising an amount of $23 million through investment. This total investment led to Mural’s total funding amounting to $200 million. 

Mural appointed two new members to its Board of Director’s family, namely: Bill Veghte, former Microsoft SVP and HP COO, as the executive chairman. In addition to this, Ryan Smith, Qualtrics Founder and Executive Chairman, who has been an active investor in Mural since series B funding, has offered to become the new CEO of the company. 

Bill Veghte said that “Although Mural is a startup, I saw it as a company that is perfect in its work and enables a better way to innovate, connect, and collaborate.” It is known for its best interconnections and understandings within and across the teams. It is very cooperative as an organization as well. From product creation to customer engagement to staff meetings, cooperation, collaboration, support, helping hands, excellency, and teamwork are shown everywhere. It is the company’s teamwork and hard work that brings the company to the height of success. It is a pleasure and an honor to work with the company and such a cooperative team.

Mural is one of the best digital workspace providers in the competitive world. Its platforms are different as compared to other platforms because they support enterprise teamwork with guided visual collaboration. The software offers cooperative teams in every field, from product to selling; from consulting to leadership; innovation to technology; everything that a customer requires. In addition to this, it provides a digital workspace for visual collaborations and various methods of ideation and co-creation. 

Mural is an expert platform in providing these kinds of facilities at any time, anywhere, and to any customer. 

Mariano Suarez Battan, co-founder and CEO of Mural, says that our success journey started when “We met with Thoughtworks and they offered us a workshop.” They wanted a place where they could retain a highly collaborative and interactive in-person workshop and promote leadership and other programs at a global level. They find Mural to be the best match.

As such, the mural not only provides multiple key exercises such as prioritization, group voting, and retrospective sessions but also facilitates strategic planning. This facilitates all of their work and eliminates the need to travel a long distance to attend workshops. 

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