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How to Pick the Best Vanity for Your Bathroom?



Usually, people spend a total of 30 minutes of their day in the bathroom. These 30 minutes might be the calmest and most relaxing time of your day. 

While in the bathroom, you don’t have to remind yourself of the pending work, household chores, or conversations. Here, you can be by yourself, freshen up, take a relaxing hot shower, clean, and feel new.

So, why not make it best suited to your preferences by adding a perfect bathroom vanity? This can add the décor factor that your bathroom is missing.

Planning a perfect vanity that is pleasing and practical needs some design suggestions. Here are some of the most preferred vanity styles for 2022.

  1. Vintage

The old saying – Old is Gold, fits everywhere, especially regarding design and décor. Having a natural wooden vanity look with detailed rims is a way to add a vintage touch. What’s best? You can also repurpose old cabinets and dressers to match your vanity needs, making them authentic vintage.

  1. Natural Textures

Keeping your bathroom toned down with natural textures make it appear cleaner, warmer, and more spacious. You can stick to soft, light wood or something grainy with more texture. The natural touch and feel also add to the charm.

  1. Warm Tones

To keep your bathroom feeling cosy, you can select warmer colours for your vanity. Off-whites, lighter greys, wooden tones, or browns with warm undertones can be great options. Not only do warm colours brighten up the place, but they’re also always trendy.

  1. Gold Details

When it comes to bathroom or kitchen fixtures, gold detailing is back in trend. Some gold accents on countertops, handles, rims, etc., give it an elegant look, especially against white or dark vanities. Moreover, you get to choose matte, brushed, or glossy gold options.

  1. Marble 

Marble has been a common choice and stays fool-proof for any vanity. In addition to being soft and pleasant to the eyes, marble is also durable and stands wear and tear better. With constant water splashes, cleaning chemicals, soaps and shampoo spills, you can count on your marble vanities.

  1. Clean and Minimal

Minimalism is the hottest trend today and the one to stay. To keep your vanity looking clean, clear the clutter and stick to simple straight lines with minimal details. You can even choose to incorporate some Japandi, hygge, or modern aesthetics to maintain a clean look.

How to Choose the Right Vanity?

Your bathroom vanity is the centre of your bathroom décor. Not only is it to uplift the visual appeal, but it also has a variety of uses.

Thus, take into consideration these simple steps before finalising your designs:

  • Choose efficient storage space according to your needs
  • Pick a size based on your bathroom area 
  • Decide on the number of sinks and sink style
  • Number of desired cabinets
  • Figure out placement and styles based on plumbing
  • Make sure the door doesn’t hit your vanity
  • Ensure that shower water doesn’t reach the vanity
  • Pick the best materials that can handle wear and tear
  • Choose materials that can stand humidity
  • Custom your designs based on existing structures

Final Verdict

Whether a large shining Zen spa-like space or a minimal area, keeping up your bathroom interior keeps up your mood. Undoubtedly, a well-designed bathroom is an organised bathroom with maximum efficiency.

Coming up with a truly calming bathroom feel is a combination of efficient functionality and décor. In order to pick the perfect bathroom vanity, you need to make several decisions revolving around design, placement, sizing, material, etc.

Among the plenty of options available, match your vanity type and décor based on your interiors. So, what’s your bathroom aesthetic?

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