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Georgina Rodriguez: Who Is She? Know About Ronaldo’s Girlfriend



It whispered that a certain Georgina Rodriguez, hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has quite the reputation as a famous model, social media star, and internet sensation. She’s also known for being the better half of a certain Portuguese football sensation, who has quite a few trophies under his belt, I hear.

From what I’ve gathered, this footballer is quite the family man and dotes on his girlfriend and their children. And let’s not forget, Ms. Rodriguez is also a Spanish model who recently made headlines after revealing she was expecting twins with her fiancé. So, if you’re interested in knowing more about her age, family, career, relationship, kids, husband, net worth, biography, wiki, and so on, you’ll just have to keep reading!

Who Is Georgina Rodriguez?

Georgina was born on January 27th, 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As of 2021, she is 27 years old and currently resides in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. With her stunning looks and magnetic personality, Georgina has made a name for herself as a model, social media star, and internet sensation.

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez

She holds Argentine nationality and follows the Christian religion. Her ethnicity is that of white Spaniards and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Georgina has an estimated net worth of USD 5-6 million, making her a force to be reckoned with in both her personal and professional life.

A well-educated individual, Georgina is a proud graduate. She honed her skills and gained valuable knowledge at a private school in Argentina. With her strong work ethic and unwavering determination, Georgina has accomplished much and poised for even greater success in the future.

Physical Appearance Georgina

Georgina’s body measurements are 33-24-35 inches, her height is roughly 5 feet 5 inches, and she is current weight is 65 kilograms. She is more appealing for modeling and brand promotion because of her gorgeous brown eyes and black hair.

Georgina Rodriguez Early Life

Rumor has it that a certain Georgina Rodriguez graced us with her presence-  on the 27th of January- 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If the Twitter gods are to be believed, she now resides in the lovely city of Turin, Piedmont, Italy. She’s 27 years young, as of 2021, and has quite the jet-setting lifestyle, traveling the world with her partner, a well-known football star.

Not only is she a partner to a star, but Ms. Rodriguez is quite the star herself. She’s a model, dancer, and internet influencer, with a following to match – a staggering 44 million followers on Instagram, no less! She may have grown up in the small town of Jaca, Spain, but she’s come a long way since her days as a waitress in her hometown. It’s said she even lived in Bristol, England as an au pair with a family. It’s safe to say, she’s living proof that with hard work and determination, one can go from a small town to a shining star.

Georgina Rodriguez Personal Life

A Spanish-Araninian father and a Murcia-born Spanish mother gave birth to Rodriguez in Buenos Aires. His family lived with his native relatives with an elder sister in the name of Ivana. Rodriguez’s mother decided that when she was one year old, she wanted to go back to Spain, thus the family moved from the northeastern Spanish city to Jack’s northeastern Spanish city of Northeast Spanish Huska.

Since 2016, Rodriguez and Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo is dating. They first knew each other, while they were the sales assistant in a Gujachi store in Madrid.

Georgina’s Family

“Hold on a second, did you just say that Georgina Rodriguez father was a notorious drug lord?! The one who spent a decade behind bars for trafficking cocaine and cannabis?! And that he passed away in 2019 from complications related to a stroke?! This is just wild!

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez

And her mother, Ana Maria Hernandez, still calls Italy her home. Meanwhile, Georgina’s sister, Ivana, is following in her footsteps as a model and social media star. Who would have thought that behind such a glamorous exterior lies a family with a criminal past and a tragic end? This just adds a whole new level of intrigue and mystery to Georgina’s story. Wow, this is one family tree we can’t wait to learn more about!”

Georgina’s Professional Career

Georgina is a jack-of-all-trade, who has served as a vendor in his hometress, an AU pair in England, and even a Swanki Gucci store in Madrid. But his true calling was modeling, holding the pages of Grazia, men’s health, women’s health, glamor, yamme, and more. And in July 2020, he hit the Instagram Big League as a pre-Pritilling ambassador with a five-fighter deal, rubbing the elbow with Courtney Kardashian and Molly-Mai Hague. But everything changed when he photographed with former Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Georgina Rodriguez’s Ex-Boyfriend & Relationships

The rumor is that Georgina Rodriguez had the previous flame, none other than JV Hernandez Pineiro. Earlier, he recently crossed tea about his previous romance and shared that the two spent a lot of time between the ages of 13 and 18.

Georgina Rodriguez & Hernandez Pineiro
Georgina Rodriguez & Hernandez Pineiro

They were classmates for a year before going to separate rooms but did not interrupt their relationship. Javi reminded me of a park randezavas, where he shared a dream. However, it seems that both have lost the touch, Javi has only maintained contact with Georgina’s sister, Ivana. These days, Georgina is allegedly living with Football Superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Georgina’s Relationship With Cristiano Ronaldo

When Cristiano Ronaldo was still playing for the prestigious Spanish football team Real Madrid in late 2016, Georgina was the first person to notice them together. The two may have first crossed paths in the VIP section of a Dolce & Gabbana event.

After that, there were rumors about their relationship because the two were frequently seen out on romantic occasions together. In November 2016, they pictured walking hand in hand close to Disneyland Paris, demonstrating that they ashamed to display their love in front of others.

Even though Ronaldo tried to pass as someone else by donning a cap, sunglasses, and wig, the Italian magazine “Chi” accurately recognized him.

Georgina then started going to Real Madrid games and started showing up at award shows, such as “The Best FIFA Football Awards,” where she seen with Cristiano Ronaldo, his mother, and Ronaldo Jr.

Georgina Rodriguez & Cristiano Ronaldo
Georgina Rodriguez & Cristiano Ronaldo

In fact, tabloids were rife with pregnancy speculations by the time Ronaldo made her official announcement during an interview with the Spanish news site “El Mundo.”

The child was a daughter named Alana Martina, and Ronaldo announced the news via a photo post that also included him, the expectant mother, and his older child. She is the mother of her twins Eva and Mateo as well as his son Ronaldo Jr.

Georgina Rodriguez Controversies & Scandals

Georgina Rodriguez unintentionally became involved in a controversy when Kathryn Mayorga, an American model, accused her boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo, of sexual assault. She claimed that he abused her in a bedroom when they first met in June 2009 at a hotel in Las Vegas.

He allegedly agreed to pay her £287,000 in 2010 in exchange for her choosing not to file a lawsuit. But she made the decision to join other sexual abuse victims in sharing their stories after the #MeToo movement.

In a statement that he has since made, Ronaldo argues that the accusations are nothing more than “fake news.” Since she was the mother of his child, tabloids and news organizations hunger for Rodriguez’s perspective on the accusations.

Finally, she expressed her support for the cause in an Instagram post without specifically addressing it. “You always change the difficulties that presented in your path into urge and strength to demonstrate how amazing you are,” she wrote with a photo of herself on social media.

Some Amazing Facts To Know About Georgina

There are some facts about Georgina-

  • When she’s not busy being a fashion icon, Georgina Rodriguez loves to hit the high seas for some boating adventures. 
  • She’s also a die-hard football fan, regularly cheering on her beau Cristiano Ronaldo from the stands.
  • And speaking of fashion, this trendsetter has a designer handbag and shoe collection that would make even the most seasoned fashionista green with envy.
  • Georgina has even teamed up with Vogue magazine for some fashionable fun.
  • But despite her love for luxury, Georgina also has a soft spot for family fun – she loves nothing more than taking her kids to amusement parks and trying new treats (especially if they’re sweet!).
  • And let’s not forget her passion for beauty and self-care – she’s a regular promoter of hair care products, helping people look and feel their best.
  • And with her partner and kids in tow, Georgina never shies away from a good adventure. 
  • She’s constantly on the go, traveling to new and exciting destinations around the world.

Georgina Rodriguez’s Net Worth

After starting her career in the modeling industry, Georgina gained fame. In the previous two years, she had millions of Instagram followers. The sources estimate Georgina’s net worth at $10 Million.

Georgina’s Social Media Handles

Model and social media celebrity Georgina is best known as the spouse of Juventus star and legendary Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo. Georgina also has over 44.3 million Instagram followers and is well renowned for her successful modeling career. She is reportedly Ronaldo’s most committed love. However, they do have a happy home life with their kids.

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez


I also start with a mystery that is Georgina Rodriguez Hernandez?! This Argentina-Spanish beauty is a model, and media personality, and an appetite for glamor. His rise to fame is no less than unprecedented, with his life taking the center step in the breathtaking Netflix documentary, “I am Georgina.” It is no secret that the documentary gave a glimpse of its bee in its jet-setting life, which is none other than the great football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo.
And, my goodness, the number of followers, she commands, is just arbitrary. 46 million people cannot be wrong, right? On its large scale, the following has certainly paved the route to rub the shoulders with the aristocratic square, participating in the front row in some of the most sought -demanded luxury brands, including the iconic Jacquimus.


Who is Georgina Rodriguez?

Georgina hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has quite the reputation as a famous model, social media star, and internet sensation.

What is Georgina’s age?

 Rodriguez’s age is 29 years as of 2023.

Who are Georgina’s parents?

As a matter of fact, Ana María Hernández and Jorge Rodríguez. Her mother is still alive while her Father passed away.

Who is Georgina’s Fiance?

The famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo is engaged to Georgina.

What are the names of Georgina’s daughter?

Alana Martina and Bela( Recently born).

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