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Georgena Rodriguez: The Famous Model, Know About Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth & More



Georgia is a well-known model, social media star, internet sensation, Instagram influencer, and media face who is well-known as one of the most famous celebrity partners in the country and is known as Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner.

Ronaldo is a very well-known face, and everyone, not only in his country but in the entire world, knows him because of his gameplay. He is the best footballer in the entire country and one of the most loving and inspiring players for many youths. 

Georgina’s Age, Weight, Height, Hair Color, Eyes, And Personality 

Georgina was born on January 27, 1994, and she is now 28 years old, standing 1.68 m tall and weighing 54 kg. She is a very stunning woman who looks amazing, sweet, bold, and cool with dark brown eyes. Her black hair also adds charm to her beauty.

She always maintains herself and tries to look more and more beautiful. As a model, she looks stunning, and as an internet sensation and social media influencer, she has one of the best personalities. 

Georgina’s Early Life And Education

Georgina was born in Buenos Aires, a city located in Argentina, as the daughter of Ana Maria and Jorge Rodriguez. Her schooling is completed at a local school near her home, and afterward you move to London to complete her studies.

She took dance classes in London and enrolled in an English course. She is regarded as a salsa dance master and usually performs with her partner at different events.

Georgina’s Career As A Stunning Model 

After completing studies in London in English and dancing, Georgina started working as a waitress at one of the renowned hotels in Bristol, England. Later, she joined the modeling industry and gave various famous and stunning looks to well-known and recognized magazines and designers.

Her career in modeling started blooming and she collaborated with Hello men’s health, Women’s health glamor, and various other famous and well-established magazines. 

Georgina’s Relationship

Georgina has been dating Ronaldo since 2017, but they have never disclosed how they met for the first time and how they started falling for each other.

The similar rumour about Georgina and Ronaldo getting engaged, however, swept across the nation in 2018, but there were no reliable sources of this information at the time.

However, in actual life, the couple engaged each other in August 2020, and Ronaldo dedicated a diamond ring to her fiance, Georgina. 

Georgina’s Net Worth 

The very famous model and Instagram influencer’s net worth accounts for $10 million. 

Georgina’s Social Media

Georgena is a growing social media superstar with more than 39 million Instagram followers who like her beauty and sense of style. She has more than 700 posts on Instagram, all of which highlight her attractiveness and include her striking postures for the camera.

She does not use Facebook and Twitter and only shares each and every activity on her Instagram. However, you can find accounts with her name on this platform that does not belong to her. 

Georgia Posted A Combination Of Three Pictures Of Herself In A Pink Dress

Georgina posted her stylish and stunning pictures in a combination of 3 on her official Instagram account in which she looks awesome in a pink outfit.

It is also seen that the picture becomes Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite picture. Georgina appears bored in her pink costume, but she wins the hearts of millions of her admirers. 


Does Georgina have any siblings?

Yes, Georgina has a sister named Ivana Rodriguez.

Does Georgina have any children?

Yes, Georgina is the great-grandmother of two children named Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda.

What is the net worth of Georgina’s partner? Cristiano Ronaldo: The Famous Football Player?

Georgina’s partner, Ronaldo, has an estimated net worth that comprises $1 billion in earnings.

Where is Georgina living currently?

At present, Georgina is living in a beautiful palace located in Turin piedmont, a place located in Italy.

Is Georgina and Ronaldo still in a relationship?

Yes, Georgina and Ronaldo have been dating each other since 2017 and they are still connected in a strong bond.

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