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D1 Capital Partners Raises $150 Million Funding In Addepar, Exceeding $2 Billion Valuation



The funding will spur the expansion of Addepar’s market-leading platform. More than 600 family offices, licensed investment advisors, private banks, and significant financial institutions from more than 25 countries are served by Addepar, which has accumulated client assets on its platform totaling more than $2.7 trillion.

Recently, a prominent investment management digital platform said that D1 Capital Partners had acquired $150 million as part of its Series F financing, valued at $2 billion before the money was spent as per streetjournal.

Addepar has been adding assets to its platform at a rate of more than $15 billion per week, and it had its best year ever in terms of all key measures, such as client and revenue growth, user engagement, and client retention.

Addepar has a rare chance to quickly develop the platform to take advantage of the $225 trillion in investable assets worldwide.

Strategies Of The Company To Use The Fundings

The money will be used to fuel the company’s expansion into new regions and to continue developing its category-defining platform. 

In the wake of the financial crisis, Joe Lonsdale developed Addepar in order to significantly enhance the functioning of finance and enable more effective capital allocation.

The business is positioned to become an essential and significant component of the global financial infrastructure by combining an elite technological culture and platform-based strategy with a client-centric philosophy.

Each day, millions of accounts are processed through its platform, enabling thousands of advisors to provide clients with timely advice and outcomes while managing risk across all asset classes and in any market condition.

Our prestigious clientele includes family offices, RIAs, international banks, and other financial advisors. They all bring enduring and unique value to their clientele using our open software platform. By enabling a more comprehensive and relevant financial picture at every level, we can unlock this value.

According to Eric Poirier, CEO of Addepar, “this enables financial professionals to counsel each client on making the best educated and data-driven decisions that are in line with their specific goals, objectives, and preferences.”

Working Of The Company

According to Prateek Bhide, Principal at D1 Capital Partners, “At D1, we look to support visionary businesses that find solutions to significant, urgent problems.

“Addepar has established a top-notch wealth management platform and proven its capacity to meet the needs of some of the most demanding customers in the market. We are looking forward to traveling beside them on this adventure.

The company’s current priorities are improving financial advising and investment management with the overarching goal of optimizing the effect of global capital. Financial advisers are under increasing pressure to give their clients access to a wide range of liquid, illiquid, and alternative asset classes, hence Addepar launched Marketplace in 2020.

About The Investors Of The Company

The company introduced the Investor Sentiment Index last fall, which leverages anonymized and aggregated data from over 10,000 portfolios, each with at least $10 million, to reveal timely insights that were previously inaccessible.

The debut of Navigator, a tool that aids clients in codifying cash flow, liquidity, and tax estimates as well as fine-tuning pacing models, was made possible by Addepar’s January acquisition of RCI.

Marketplace and Navigator are provided as add-on services to Addepar’s software clients and enhance the company’s core data collection, administration, and analytic capabilities. In the near future, the business will keep up its rapid pace of innovation while executing a bold strategy with its customers at the core.

Joe Lonsdale, the founder and board chairman of Addepar, said, “Eric is still assembling an incredible team around him, and their dedication is manifesting in an exhilarating momentum toward realizing our vision.

“This is a rare firm where the second decade is even more interesting than the first — Addepar will continue to develop at a fast rate for a long time, and as a vital component of the global financial infrastructure, will be a platform with much more effective than people currently realize.”

D1 Capital Partners Information

An international investment company that works in both the public and private markets is called D1 Capital Partners. The company blends the expertise and top-notch operations of a sizable, elite asset management firm with a family office’s adaptable mandate and long-term time horizon


A wealth management software called Addepar focuses on data collecting, analytics, and reporting for even the trickiest investment portfolios.

Asset owners and advisors are given a more comprehensive financial picture, enabling them to manage investments and make wiser choices. Hundreds of top financial advisors, family offices, and major financial institutions use Addepar’s platform to handle data for more than $2.7 trillion in assets.

Addepar was recognized as a member of the Forbes Fintech 50 and a Forbes Fintech 50 business in 2020.

Silicon Valley serves as the company’s headquarters, and Addepar also maintains offices in Edinburgh, New York, and Salt Lake City. Acervus Securities Inc., a member of FINRA and SIPC, provides all brokerage services.

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